Electronic design, software development and mechanical design

From conception to production, a unique partner able to manage the project in an effective and efficient manner.


Our greatest talent is finding the most appropriate expertise for every research and innovation project.

We integrate electronics design, software, and mechanical design, to provide complete solutions in the field of electronic devices, machines, data collection systems and process control.

We don’t stop at the design, but we are able to industrialise the product, start production and obtain the required certifications

We manage every phase, integrating electronic, software and mechanical design.

We combine innovation and technological consultancy thanks to solid, practical experience.

We select the most appropriate partners to meet
high quality standards.

Design nero e Bmate
Gif Animata rossa e nera progetti Bmate
From conception to production, a unique partner that stands out for its ability to integrate different areas of expertise and manage your project in an efficient and effective way.
Industrialization e Bmate frase

From the project… to the product

Industrialization is a crucial phase for achieving the economic success of an idea.

Processo di industrializzazione BMATE
Certifications rosso Bmate

We accompany you in the certification and approval process.

  • Risk analysis
  • Quality marks and Global Market Access
  • Preparation of documentation and technical file
  • Product certification
Tipi di Certificazioni di prodotto Bmate


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