Electronic Design

Electronic design according to BMate standards

Electronic design is a distinctive aspect of our company; our team of professionals develops dedicated solutions for your application.

Whether relating to a data collection system, automation, an intelligent sensor, a logger or any industrial device, we will be able to meet your requirements in a professional manner, guaranteeing experience and reliability.

Together with you, we define the most effective system architecture, identifying and developing the fundamental components.

"Progettazione elettronica Bmate Icona dispositivi elettronici"

“Customer-oriented” electronic devices

We tackle every design with a totally customized and product-oriented approach, taking into consideration, therefore, production targets, that is numbers and costs, so as to make design choices in line with the design goals.

All electronic boards are developed choosing shapes and sizes appropriate to the application, identifying and integrating only the necessary features.

"Progettazione elettonica Bmate dispositivo e reti digitali"

Wireless or wired communication

We work with all the wired or wireless communication technologies available, proposing the solution that we feel most useful for each application on the basis of different factors, for example:

  • data band necessary
  • distance to cover
  • type of network to be created

When do we use wireless technology?

Wireless technology is chosen mainly for mobile monitoring applications and where it is not possible or cost-effective to use a wired network.

We work both with standard protocols and with proprietary protocols, ranging from subGhz to 2.4Ghz solutions, depending on the characteristics of the application.

We have designed electronic devices able to communicate via LoRa, 868Mhz proprietary, Zigbee, Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz proprietary networks.

When a direct transmission towards a cloud is appropriate, we equip the sensors that we design with interfaces and communication on the cellular network, using the most evolved standards (LTE-M, NB IoT) and implementing SIMless solutions for optimising the dimensions and simplifying the management of the devices in the field.

The periodic updating of technologies and instruments that enables BMATE to perform its electronic design activity in the best possible way is a value in which we believe and in which we invest resources; for this reason, we are equipped with the necessary technologies for an effective design of antennas on PCB that makes it possible to optimise the capacity and quality of the transmission in the various use contexts, whether industrial or relating to hospital facilities, also with regards to noise from an electromagnetic point of view.

"Progettazione Elettronica Icona schede elttroniche"

Reduction in consumption thanks to the intelligent design of IoT ready electronic boards

The development of IoT Ready sensors and applications are an essential part of electronic design.

The success of an IoT application is the simplicity of installation and maintenance throughout the device’s life, without needing to replace the battery. To achieve this objective, we use latest-generation micro-controllers with independent multicores able to support sophisticated sensing and communication policies while reducing consumption.

Specifically, in our IoT (Internet of Thing) electronic design solutions, we work with Texas Instruments, NXP and Microchip, and set up differentiated management systems according to use, managing to obtain battery lives of several years.

"Bmate Icona progetti industria 4.0 o impresa 40"

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is possible when technologies are effectively integrated between them. In Bmate we have studied various approaches for making your company an authentic “Smart Factory

"Bmate Icona progetti di sicurezza digitale"

Digital electronics security

Security in communications and the possibility of avoiding intrusions and tampering on the part of hackers is a fundamental aspect for the adoption of a data collection monitoring system. It’s necessary to protect the security and integrity of the data, whatever the industrial sector involved. In BMate we put security right at the centre of the design; we have developed specific skills and constantly update our solutions, adopting the most advanced encryption standards, always at the cutting-edge of technology. Fewer risks, more security.

"Progettazione elettronica Bmate Icona dispositivi elettronici"

Integrated solutions in the electronics industry

We are able to work not only on the sensing device and on the data communication network, but also to develop all the software suite necessary for the collection and historicization of the data, both for the processing of the same data with relative consultation interfaces and their management.

unique partner for the system guarantees simplicity in the management of the design project, uniformity in the choices and completeness of the solution.

"Bmate Icona progetti di qualità"


BMATE solutions ate certifiable in compliance with international reference regulations.

We deal directly with all documentation and laboratory activities necessary for certification and the obtaining of quality marks, where required.

We, therefore, handle the entire design project in all its technical and construction aspects

"Bmate Icona Made in Italy"

Electronic design in Bologna…but not only

Our organisational structure enables us to operate all over Italy.

We are close to the Emilian nerve centre but we work serving all operating sectors, customising the solutions, because every customer is unique in their requirements.

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