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IoT is the acronym for Internet of Things and gives companies the opportunity to connect any type of machine to the internet with digital technology, with the aim of monitoring and maximising performances through the collection and processing of data from the field.

Digital and wireless transmission technology makes it possible to make any object smart (able to communicate), offering huge advantages in the automation of processes and permitting the creation of new services with high added value both for customers and consumers.

Our role is to construct in the best way possible the entire acquisition and processing chain of the data that you wish to collect.

Our development activities for IOT:


  • selection of the transducer
  • design of the integration electronics
  • study of the energy balance to obtain the desired duration
  • design of the antenna and communication interfaces
  • edge computing


  • design of the local communication interfaces
  • design of the external communication interfaces
  • development of the server-side interrogation and communication logics to optimise the available bandwidth
  • design of logging policies for managing periods offline without losing data
  • robust design for every field of use


  • scalable setup according to the nodes and information to be collected
  • SQL or non-SQL database according to the specific requirements of the application
  • evolved and customised administration backend for the needs of the user and application
  • wide availability of communication interfaces towards pre-existing third-party systems


  • evolved and customised frontend for the specific requirements
  • possibility of complex processing of the collected data for the definition of process KPIs
  • function-rich and personalised dashboards according to the application and interests/authorisations of the user
  • wide possibility of managing alerts and alarms in real time towards the nodes but also towards supervisory users
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In the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the fields of IOT application.

Technical progress has made it possible to obtain ever smaller and more efficient data transmission modules that can be integrated into machines and devices of all sizes.

The Internet of things is applicable to several sectors, such as, for example:

  • in logistics,for the automatic management of the warehouse and inventories. With a click it’s possible to manage stocks and orders automatically;
  • in the medical field,for the interconnection of medical devices with the aim of monitoring patients’ conditions, collect data and identify situations of potential danger in order to advise patients and healthcare workers in advance;
  • in monitoring strategic infrastructures(dams, bridges, etc.), to collect in real time data on the structure and on any deformations or situations of mechanical stress that could lead to a safety problem;
  • in predictive diagnosticsof essential devices, monitoring the main functional parameters and carrying out correlation analyses of the various parameters with the aim of anticipating a possible problem. This allows us to programme maintenance without stopping the service and therefore save maintenance costs;
  • IOT in precision agriculture, to monitor the state of the soil and environmental and meteorological conditions. This allows us to programme in a scientific and precise way the irrigation or other specific treatments according to the crops, thereby optimising costs and resources;

The technological evolution of semiconductors has made it possible not only to have miniaturised and efficient devices, but also to manage to produce extremely sophisticated sensors.

They can be applied to any type of equipment: machine, engine or system, allowing us to make any type of product or process smart.

Our solutions make it possible to have interconnected structures, individuals and industrial environments; they help businesses to acquire data and carry out analyses that increase the knowledge of the processes and allow for their improvement.

IoT allows us to make objects which we come into contact with every day more intelligent and to improve working methods.

How can we help you with your project?

For our customers we have developed specific sensors, miniaturised transmission modules, hardware solutions for the reduction of consumptions, data collection systems, and web servers for the storage and processing of data.

These are components that have made it possible to develop scalable monitoring and maintenance systems in various industrial contexts (machines, engines, systems and devices) and represent a point of departure for other sectors and applications.

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