Software Development

Software development is a key element of our company.

Our team of professionals develop applications specific to your requirements in order to complete our design offer and succeed in providing integrated and effective solutions.

The main activities of our software development department relate to the creation of platforms and websites, data collection and processing systems, CMS, web applications, advice on the use of cloud computing and in the implementation of IoT systems

We deal with the development of backend and frontend, with particular attention on the choice of reliable technologies for an industrial context, able to guarantee the necessary level of service.


We mainly operate in the development of ad hoc web application software using open source technologies with particularly active and widespread support communities.

As applied in electronic and mechanical design, ours is a very vertical approach in which our technological and development experience is applied to your needs to develop an application tailored for you, thanks to customised software development.

Software Development Phases:

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System Architecture

As a first step, we study the application need together with you; we understand it and work together on its definition.

We propose the best possible technological approach, designing the architecture of the system which is best able to meet the need in question and embrace evolution in a flexible manner.

We define the most suitable technological suite and involve the best technological partners on the project.


Development and Execution

Our strength lies in following every stage of the project and bringing it to a conclusion. Always.

We don’t just implement what has been agreed, but we continue developing up to final deployment and we rigorously verify the performances obtained, carrying out any necessary fine-tuning in the production context in order to arrive at the promised result.

We apply all our project management expertise to development and follow updated software management models to guarantee compliance with timings, costs and objectives.

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IoT Platform

The Internet of Things is a rapidly-evolving technology able to provide solutions in numerous industrial sectors, open up new business opportunities and define new models of behaviour. In BMate we are involved in the development of devices for data collection but also in the design of platforms for the processing of collected data which are efficient, expandable and exploitable on a vast scale. We deal with every architectural level:

  • communication, with protocols and dedicated technologies (mqtt, redis, AWS web services)
  • storage, with the use of relational databases (SQL, PostGreSQL, SQLite, …) and non-relational databases (No-SQL, MongoDB, …)
  • user interfaces, the design of processing and consultation interfaces with the latest advanced technologies (Bootstrap, Javascript, Node, Ajax, …)


It’s important to have a number of fixed bases in a such a rapidly-evolving technological environment. For us, using the Django framework is one of them.

Django is an open source framework designed for the creation of web applications. It underpins many common web and social network applications, but by its nature can be scaled down on reduced applications. Its modular approach makes it possible to considerably reduce development effort and shorten the times necessary for launching production: it’s a very powerful tool for compressing development times.

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Another fixed base is the programming language which is used in most of our designs: Python.

Python is a mainly (but not only) object-oriented programming language.

It’s furnished with really vast libraries that make it a language which is rich and easy to use.

The Django framework is developed in Python, so we are able to exploit this native integration.

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