Vision systems

The BMate standard for artificial vision projects

As part of our Research and Development activities, we have always invested in the production of images, seen as a useful technology for providing a more complete service regarding the design of machines and production lines. As a result, in our capacity as vision system integrators, we have set up a partnership with DATALOGIC With this choice we are able to utilise cutting-edge vision systems in very rapid times and at competitive costs, counting on Italian Research and Development and always focused on improving the range and quality of the hardware supplied and the performances of the image processing algorithms.

Thanks to the increase in robustness and the reduction of costs, the fields of application of computer vision are continuously expanding and can be used effectively in many different business sectors:

  • food
  • packaging
  • electronics
  • beverage
  • automation

and for a multitude of controls:

  • inspections of end-of-line quality,
  • dimensional controls,
  • robot guides,
  • OCR control,
  • integrity control

Every vision system is the result of a feasibility study and an analysis of samples.

Talk to us about your situation and we will tell you how to deal with it.

Impact Software Suite per sistemi di visione artificiale


IMPACT Software Suite, with more than 120 inspection tools and 50 controls on the user’s interface, allows users to create unique inspection programmes and to develop user interfaces in a rapid and simple manner. All this can be achieved with flexibility and reduced development times, as in traditional configuration systems.
IMPACT Software Suite also includes a software development kit (SDK) which ensures full integration of the monitoring capabilities of the artificial vision in HMI software applications.

Vision Program Manager (VPM) offers hundreds of image processing and analysis functions. Control Panel Manager (CPM) creates operator interface panels to display and regulate the critical controls of the machine.

smart camera industriale per sistemi di visione artificiale


The P2x Series is a smart industrial camera that offers exceptional levels of performance and flexibility in a completely integrated compact form.

The intelligent cameras of the P2x Series have one of the most sophisticated optical designs available on the market. The LEDs of the lights incorporate TIR lens to direct the maximum quantity of light onto the field of view. Top quality lenses and advanced CMOS imagers offer maximum image quality.

processori di visione GigE per sistemi di visione artificiale


MX-E is an innovative family of GigE vision processors able to guarantee extraordinary computing power and unmatchable application flexibility.

Cutting-edge high-quality hardware components are assembled in an ultra-resistant casing that ensures robustness and long life. The multi-camera functionality allows for the collection and analysis of data from different points of view and reduces integration costs.
Ideal in every type of company, from packaging to pharmaceutical companies to electronics and automotive companies.

Four different models are available on the basis of application requirements, with a maximum of eight independent GigE Vision ports for the acquisition of high-speed images. The MX-E series offers extreme configuration flexibility, with numerous hardware configuration options and full compatibility with a vast range of Gig-E video cameras, from the VGA to very high-resolution cameras (area scan) and from 2K to 8K (Linescan).

smart camera per sistemi di visione artificiale


The P1x-Series is an ultra-compact and inexpensive smart camera that offers advanced artificial vision functions in a completely integrated stand-alone device. The product is available with CMOS image sensors in grey-scale or in colour, in two different resolution versions: VGA and 1.3MP which offer extraordinary installation flexibility and simultaneous optimisation of the images acquired. The P1x-Series smart camera is compatible with the IMPACT LITE software package. With more than 25 inspection tools, IMPACT LITE revolutionises the configuration of the device, making the setting of the controls simple and intuitive.

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Every vision system is the result of a feasibility study and an analysis of samples. Find out how we can design one for you.



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